Election Rules

1.      Elections will be held for various offices of the Society once every two years

2.      The following Office-bearers of the Society are to be elected from amongst the Life and Ordinary members of the Society of three years standing as on 30th June of the election year and those who have paid all their dues to the Society till the current year of election and who have attended at least one conference and/or General Body Meeting in last three years :

i. President                                             ONE

ii. Vice-Presidents                                  TWO  

iii. Secretary                                           ONE

iv. Joint Secretary                                   ONE

v. Treasurer                                           ONE

vi. Executive Committee Members          TWELVE

The Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer will be nominated and elected as a block from one city.

3.      Office bearers cannot hold an office for more than one term, i.e. two years, and shall not contest re-election for the same office for a period of four years (2  terms).

4.      All standing members (Life, Ordinary, Student, Honorary) are eligible to vote

5.      The elections will be by secret postal ballot

6.      For purpose of elections, the Executive Committee will appoint a Returning Officer in the year in which election is due

7.      The Returning Officer in the month of July of the year, will invite nominations for various offices from amongst the members of the the Society as on roll on June 30th of the year. The nominations will be invited on Nomination Paper as per proforma appended. The Returning Officer will also provide a list of members of the current and the immediate preceding Executive Committee alongwith the Nomination papers so that renominations in contravention of rule 3 above are not made.

8.      The Returning Officer will seek the consent of nominees for various offices and only on receipt of the consent their names will be included on the ballot paper

9.      For an efficient functioning, it would be desirable to nominate Secretary, Joint Secretary,  and Treasurer from same place/city.

10.    The ballot papers will be sent by post to members latest by the end of September.

11.    Marked ballot papers should be returned to the Returning Officer before the date specified for the purpose

12.    All ballot papers received by the Returning Officer on or before the last date will be opened by the Returning Officer who will also arrange for their counting

13.       Results of the election will be finalized and communicated to all members by the Returning Officer by the first week of December