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45th All India Cell Biology Conference

& International Symposium on Biology of Development and Disease

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About ISCB

The Indian Society of Cell Biology was launched in 1976 as a Registered Society. The society aimed to promote confluence of areas such as ultra-structure, immunology, microbiology, genetics, chromosome biology, taxonomy, developmental biology, biochemistry and physiology at one forum. In view of this the following objectives were set by the society:
a. To promote and integrate research and development in the field of Cell Biology and allied areas.
b. To organize periodically Scientific meetings either under exclusive auspices of the Society or jointly with other organization.
c. To facilitate publications in the field of Cell Biology.

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Our Executive Committee

Dr Jyotsna Dhawan, Hyderabad

President (2019-21)

Dr Pradeep Kumar Burma, New Delhi

Vice-President (2019-21)

Dr Srikant Kumar Rath, Lucknow

Vice-President (2019-21)

Success Stories

With the passage of time, revolutionary growth in molecular biology and molecular techniques has swamped the world of biological investigations in terms of concepts and approaches. It would now be difficult to distinguish between the Cell Biology and the Molecular Biology. The Indian Society of Cell Biology has been alive to this revolution. It has become an even more authentic and versatile forum for interaction in diverse areas of cell and molecular biology. Besides holding a scientific meeting every year, the society brings out a newsletter where contributions from the members are solicited.

The Society greatly encourages participation of young scientists in its scientific deliberations. In order to motivate them a number of prizes are allocated for the best platform and poster presentations during its annual meetings. The society also sponsors Cell Biology workshops in the country and participation in International Cell Biology meetings abroad by the member of the society.

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